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Richard gave us the confidence we needed to purchase the house! - Brandy White

“Very prompt! Was not hesitant about inspecting a house in Arkansas for an out of state buyer.” - Geneva Gotsch

Buying a home in Arkansas is such a huge decision and it was reassuring to know we had a home inspector who would be truthful, impartial and highly knowledgeable about the property. - Sarah K. McClure

“Richard's report really helped us. I would have never realized that the house lacked a system ground, or that it still had old galvanized pipes. The cosmetic aspects were so good that I didn't ask about those things."

“In any event, when we added up the likely cost of these unforeseen things, the house cost too much! So, we terminated our contract. In a way that’s too bad, because we really liked the house - but we didn’t like it enough to make a bad investment! The report helped us dodge a bullet. We will call again when the next good-looking house comes along.” - Chris Campolo, Conway, Arkansas

Detailed explanations of issues and indication of whether an “issue” was of safety or cosmetic preference. Everything was great! - Jennifer Boone, Conway, Arkansas

“Thank you for responding promptly and for your efficient, courteous, and professional manner. I especially like your computerized method of documentation, complete with digital images.” - Dee Baker, Plumerville, Arkansas

Your advice to me about not revealing the report to the seller was a good tactic. They can hire their own inspector if they want to find out what’s wrong with the house. - Carl Stefan, Tampa, Florida

“The inspection was so thorough and meticulous - exactly what we wanted. Appreciated the suggestions! A+!” - William Ake

The home inspector was very professional, thorough and wasted no time. We especially like the way he went over his finding with us showing us the photos to backup his findings.” - T. Myrick